Sunday, 31 August 2008

Dance Club Massacre - Feast of the Blood Monsters [2007]

Nick Seger - Vocals
Mitch Hein - Guitars
Chris Mrozek - Bass
Matt Hynek - Keyboards
Jon Caruso - Drums

1.¡dios Mio! El Diablo Es Muy Picante02:05
2.Meet Me In the Pub For A Shot of Dignity00:51
3.Devon Butler's Dying Wishes01:07
4.You Know...You Kind of Look Cute In the Dark03:55
5.Don't Mourne For Me...Organize00:51
6.Wet Between the Thighs01:52
7.Murders Come With Smiles05:04
8.The Duchess and the Cougar02:14
9.Showdown In San Antonio04:19
10.You Bring the Bitches, I'll Bring the Dynamite01:22
11.You're What the French Call "Les Incompetents"04:37
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