Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Gamma Ray - Live in Montreal [2008]

Current Line-Up:
Kai Hansen - Vocals & Guitar (1989-)
Henjo Richter - Guitar, Keyboards (1997-)
Dirk Schlächter - Bass (1990-) (Guitar 90-97)
Dan Zimmermann - Drums (1997-)
Alessio Gori - Live Keyboards (2007-)

Disc I
2.Gardens Of The Sinner05:27
3.New World Order05:23
4.Man On A Mission05:22
6.Blood Religion07:26
7Heavy Metal Universe10:22
9.The Heart Of The Unicorn04:47
11.The Silence07:07
Disc II
1.Beyond The Blackhole05:34
2.Valley Of The Kings


3.Somewhere Out In Space09:09
4.Land Of The Free04:04
5.Rebellion In Dreamland08:52
6.I Want Out04:46
7.Send Me A Sign06:31
8.Into The Storm [Bonus Track] 03:20
9.Empress [Bonus Track] 05:47
10.From The Ashes [Bonus Track] 05:43
11.Real World [Bonus Track] 05:46
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