Monday, 25 August 2008

Cardiant - Midday Moon [2005]

Current Line-up:
Jarkko Mikkola - Vocals
Antti Hänninen - Guitars
Valtteri Virolainen - Keyboards
Vesa Ahola - Bass
Late Hänninen - Drums

1.Royal Stranger03:49
3.In Anger05:00
4.Midday Moon04:00
5.Light 'n' Smoke04:03
6.Raining (part 1)02:10
7.Already Known03:16
8.Lost in the Thunder03:45
9.The Hackneyed Dream03:28
10.Etyde Light03:39
11.Chance to Change06:42
12.To Be03:35
13.Raining (part 2)00:54


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